December 2016
Feature - The Texas Townhouse

Inspired by a long-ago southwest driving journey, The Texas Townhouse is our latest offering from the Koskela archive. A busy red brick mansion is the star of this piece, set on a fantastic desert landscape awash in brilliant Texas dusk (or dawn?) colors and accompanied by a small universe of characters including cats, oil tycoons, giant geraniums, air fish, fair ladies, a croquet-like game, a mermaid, old cars, birdmen, a maid service, an underground vortex portal, wind-up Texas Longhorn, watchers, a toddler on a leash, and a billion or so rocks, to name just a few. The result? Vintage Koskela, of course! It’s a limited supply, signed by the artist, so order early!

In addition to The Texas Townhouse, some other new prints have been added to the site, so be sure to check them out in the Print Galleries!

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Happy holidays, Koskela fans!